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balancing in applied kinesiology - what is it about?

In General

Touch for Health is a branch of applied kinesiology. It is a method to get answers from your body by a kind of stress reaction of muscles. Your body may not only tell you the triggers for physical, emotional, mental or energetic stress, but also which of the offered method is most suited to counteract it.

A usual session will start with specifying the sessions topic. This is followed by a muscle test to learn about the bodies reaction to the topic. Stressful answers will then be examined for the best ways to resolve this reaction. Touch for Health has a huge repertoire of methods to help here, but additional ideas can also easily integrated and tested. The complete process is a team effort between kinesiologist and client and can be directly and physically experienced. Der gesamte Prozess ist für Sie direkt erfahrbar. All changes will be reflected in the results of muscle tests. The kinesiologist sees you thru the whole process and supports you.

In the end you will feel closer to your topic an closer to the way you like to handle it. Many times you will feel more balanced and energetic.

In Detail

You may say that the key component of Touch for Health is balancing muscles. There are 14 main muscles to test. But if needed, there are up to 42 muscles, that can be used for testing and balancing. These muscles are related to the meridians and vessels of Chinese medicine, which for example are also used in acupuncture.

  • Central- and Governor vessel
  • Fire-Meridians: Heart (Yin), Small Intestine (Yang) and Heart Protector (Yin), Triple Burner (Yang)
  • Earth-Meridians: Spleen (Yin), Stomach (Yang)
  • Metal-Meridians: Lung (Yin), Large Intestine (Yang)
  • Water-Meridians: Kidney (Yin), Bladder (Yang)
  • Wood-Meridians: Liver (Yin), Gallbladder (Yang)

The Chinese medicine assumes that a balanced system of meridians and vessels with correct amount of free flowing energy is an equivalent to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health - which basically means: you feel well. Providing Touch for Health balance in the coaching style tries to achieve this energetic balance without going into specific details as it might be done in more medical approaches. The kinesiologist will not provide a diagnosis and will not provide a treatment for a specific illness. The Touch for Health session is merely a guided tour thru a set of tests and balancing methods. The answers of the client's body decide the direction of this tour and so the moments best possible approximation to this balanced state is aimed for. This more balanced state will then be tested and can be positively experienced. This helps the client to integrate the energetic changes into his physical, emotional and mental system. A balanced energy system can establish itself as positive experience.

An additional factor is the dependency between the energetic balance of muscles and  body with the current context of the client. The context has an influence on the results of the muscle tests. You can easily understand this by thinking of situations that make you feel strong and centered or other in which you feel weak. In an preliminary talk to the Touch for Health session we specify and establish the context for the following balance. This is the context in which the clients energy system is supposed to be more balanced after the session.

A possible context could be

  • a recurring situation, in which you feel weak or stressed (public speaking, being interviewed by a teacher, exams, stage fright, ...)
  • a goal you like to reach (projects, changing patterns in life, ...)
  • a topic that triggers stress (money, health, responsibility, letting go, trusting,...)
  • a past or future event (a lecture, a fight, a negotiation, an accident, ...)
  • an area of life (work, family, friends, children, parents, school, teachers, partnership...)
  • a symbol (an item, a word, a picture, ...)

Touch for Health also contains some supplementary methods in addition to the muscle balances. There a ways to address changes in body posture, stress related to direction of sight, listening or movement (also figuratively), stress with colors, expressiv sounds (e.g. laughing, crying, shouting, singing) or emotions. There are methods dedicated to stress reduction, to pain reduction (see disclaimer) and to energetic balancing. Muscle tests also provide easy ways to integrate own ideas or interface with other systems. Stricktly this would not be Touch for Health anymore but based on tools of Touch for Health.

Touch for Health is an interesting and exciting system to support you on your way to your inner self.

Any questions? Write to me!

Informantion about prices, terms and conditions


  • Touch for Health can not replace medical examination or treatment by a doctor. Treatment may be supported by a balance, but this must clarified with the attending doctor.
  • Touch for Health can not replace a psychological or psychiatric therapy. In some cases therapy may be supported by a balance, but this must be clarified with the attending therapist.
  • Touch for Health is neither a medical examination nor a medical treatment or therapy. Please consult a doctor or therapist if you are in need of such.
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