Edu-K® is a short term for Edu-Kinestetics. It is a branch of applied kinesiology. Brain Gym® is basically it's simplified form. There are many more areas, tools and methods that Edu-K® provides compared to Brain Gym®. But it is also more complex to handle.

 As an introduction you may read my article about Brain Gym®.

Edu-K® also offers balancing of learning processes or topics which are in any way related to learning: new situations, change processes, handling stress differently, bad communication, motivation...

As in Brain Gym®, these balancing sessions are structured in the 5 stages of the Edu-Kinestetic process:

  1. PACE: getting prepared and tuned for the balance: positiv, active, clear and energetic
  2. Clarify topic and goal and then work on formulating a target sentence
  3. Pre-activities which help immersing into the topic: understanding and accepting, where you stand with the topic
  4. Exercises: the "real" learning part of the session
  5. Post-activities and Celebrating - understanding and experiencing, what has changed with the session and then celebrating the success

During the tests performed in stage 3, we learn about the resources we already have to reach our goal. We also understand the fields in which we have a potential for learning and growing. In Brain Gym® we test for resources and learn potential in 3 areas: these are related to the 3 dimensions in space and body movment:

  • right/left: lateral - communication
  • up/down: central - organization
  • front/back: focus - understanding

Edu-K® ads four more areas in it's balance of 7 dimensions

  • motivation - posture/attitude
  • movement of cranial bones - rhythm
  • breath - power/strength
  • body regulators - self regulation

Together these 7 areas are called the 7 dimensions of intelligence - the areas that affect our learning and our way we integrate learning into our life.

In stage 4 with the exercises there are some additions. Brain Gym® knows the learn menu with 26 movement exercises an 2 ways of repattering. In Edu-K® these exercises are part of only one group of exercises: structure/movement/posture. The immense amount of possible exercises of Edu-K® is structured in four groups:

  • structure - movement - posture
  • personal ecology
  • emotion
  • energy

For choosing an exercise the containing group is determined first. Your ideas and variations should always be part on how an exercise is performed. The exercise is yours and learning should be individual, creative, joyful and playful - full of variations.

I am happy to join and support you on that expedition into your own learning experience.

I am happy to answer your questions about Edu-K® Balances. Write to me!

Information about prices, terms and conditions


  • Edu-K® can not replace medical examination or treatment by a doctor. Treatment may be supported by a balance, but this must clarified with the attending doctor.
  • Edu-K® can not replace a psychological or psychiatric therapy. In some cases therapy may be supported by a balance, but this must be clarified with the attending therapist.
  • Edu-K® is neither a medical examination nor a medical treatment or therapy. Please consult a doctor or therapist if you are in need of such.
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