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Edu-Kinestetics - What is it About?

Brain Gym® is a part of Edu-Kinestetics (Edu-K®), a branch of applied kinesiology, which is dedicated to the requirements of learn processes. It was brought to life by Paul and Gail Dennison and spread around the world. One basic idea is, that movement and acquired movment patterns and replacing of childhood reflexes play a major role for learning in the fields of reading, writing, calculating, communication, coordination and orientation. Also our paired senses have an important role, as the support learning, when both brain hemispheres are active and coordinated. If one brain hemisphere stops taking part in the process properly, an easy and playful way of learning is not possible anymore. This may create even more stress.
Brain Gym® knows 26 easy exercises, which can be performed children and teenagers as well as by adults or the elderly. These exercises are made to reduce stress, activate both brain hemispheres, optimize their interaction and train our senses.

Additionally awareness is created for the two modes or phases of learning: the "I got it!" and the "I am in the process of understanding...". Both are felt quite differently, they have a different impression of speed and yet have both the same importance.
Brain Gym® works a lot with self monitoring, feelings and sensations. This is how it creates this awareness for these learn modes.

The Brain Gym® Balance

is a process of the client guided and accompanied by the kinesiologist:

A topic and a corresponding goal is formulated.

Your current feelings, reactions and relations to both will be experienced wholistically - how are we when we immerse into our topic?

Then easy exercises will be trained and performed to ensure the prerequisites for the learning process needed to reach the goal. This is the first step towards your goal.

These prerequisites are anchored as new resources for your topic by wholistically monitoring feelings and reexperiencing previous tests: how are we now, when we immerse into the topic? In this process you recognize the difference to your condition before the exercises. The first step towards the goal is now your conscious and sensual experience.


in context of Brain Gym® can be related to learning at school. To support children and teenagers with learning at school is a central concernt. Yet we also encounter learning in lots of other areas. Topics which can be supported by Brain Gym® can be found at university, at work, in social interaction, in family, in personal growth and in plain and simple every day life.

  • reading, writing, calculating, remembering
  • vision / eye-hand coordination
  • room orientation and interaction
  • listening / listening to oneself while reading and understanding
  • communication, organization, focus
  • mastering every day life stress situations: meetings, deadlines, parenting, noise ...
  • preparing for specific stress situations: public appearances, speeches, holidays ...
  • changes: new job, relocation, separation, changes in social context ...

What is the Gain?

After the balancing session you will habe experience, how a small thing can change your way to deal with your topic. This small thing is something completely in your control. That means you experienced that you can do something and achieve something. You can get things going. Both modes of learning are free to interact without causing stress.
The exercises you learned during the sessions are part of your toolbox now. This can help you stay relaxed while facing new situations, evaluating them with clarity and feel more confident in handling them.

Any questions?

Write to me or simply call.

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  • Brain Gym® can not replace medical examination or treatment by a doctor. Treatment may be supported by a balance, but this must clarified with the attending doctor.
  • Brain Gym® can not replace a psychological or psychiatric therapy. In some cases therapy may be supported by a balance, but this must be clarified with the attending therapist.
  • Brain Gym® is neither a medical examination nor a medical treatment or therapy. Please consult a doctor or therapist if you are in need of such.
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