Herb Medicine

By phytotherapy I mean remedies which are created from plants.

These include, for example, fresh herbs, dried herbs, tea preparations, alcoholic extracts (tinctures), oily extracts, extracts with vinegar and honey, creams, aqueous and alcoholic distillates, lactose extracts. All of these products contain ingredients from the original plants. Such medicines can be found in traditional herbal medicine, folk medicine, but also in conventional medicine.

In addition, there are types of preparation that attempt to capture the information, structure and energy or vibration of a plant in a medicine. This can either be combined with plant extracts or not. This type of remedies can be found in homeopathy, spagyrics and anthroposophic medicine. This is often not just about improving the symptoms of the disease with an active ingredient. Information, structure and energy should help to develop an understanding of the origin of the disease and support the body in finding solutions itself.

In my practice I would primarily like to support my manual treatments. So I'm definitely not going to use the entire spectrum. However, if the opportunity arises, I would be happy to recommend one or the other to you.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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