Craniosacral Body Psychotherapy

Somatoemotional Release and Balance of the Vegetative System

Body Psychotherapy

works on body sensations. The basic idea is that body, mind and emotion are one. We perceive our body sensations before feelings, think consciously and have concrete, conscious memories. Feelings therefore arise as an interpretation of a certain type of physical sensation. We associate feelings with events, situations and ultimately thoughts. A network of connections and complex memories emerges in which everything is interrelated. A posture may be the expression of a physical feeling and both together strengthen a belief with which we go through life.

Craniosacral Body Psychotherapy

Through the so-called somatoemotional release, energy cysts in the tissue can be dissolved. This means that associated memories or beliefs can be processed differently and actively, which may not have been possible before. Psychosomatic symptoms can improve.
In addition, body awareness is strengthened. A more differentiated and relaxed feeling of your own body in the here and now is promoted. In general, craniosacral treatment can balance the autonomic nervous system. Sympathotonic overstimulation can be transformed into parasympathetic. A healthy ability to oscillate between parasympathetic and sympathetic states can be supported.

Supporting another Therapy

Craniosacral body psychotherapy can be supportive and accompanying be applied to another psychotherapy. A prerequisite for this is consultation and collaboration with the treating therapist. Please inform me in advance about any existing therapy so that an arrangement can be made in advance.

On the other hand, meditation, mindfulness practice, Taiji and Qigong, for example, can effectively improve the craniosacral Support body psychotherapy. In this case too, it makes sense to talk about the existing or desired practice.

Trauma sensitive therapy

I offer craniosacral therapy not explicitly as trauma therapy. Please inform me about any known traumas and, if necessary, about a treating therapist. I have further training in the field of trauma to enable me to work in a trauma-sensitive manner. Even though these further training courses have given me insights into different areas of trauma therapy, I am not currently working as a trauma therapist. However, I would be happy to support your work with your trauma therapist if he or she finds it helpful in the course of your therapy.
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